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Master Michael Donahoo
Mike Donahoo is a 4th degree Junior Master in TaeKwonDo. He serves as the head instructor and special teams head coach at the White Tiger. His instruction began with Grand Master In Shik Kim in 1994 and has continued with Master Mike White since 2003. Master Donahoo also worked as a correctional officer at the Nebraska State correctional facility in Lincoln. At that time he studied both boxing and kickboxing.

His diverse background includes Judo study with Master Jae Ho Sim, Sensei Scott Tucker, and Sensei Johnny Tureaud. In 2007, Master Donahoo competed in the World Yong Moo Do championship in Yongin South Korea in which he won an international silver medal. In 2009, he was the Pan Am Games form competition International Silver Medalist. He was also the US Open National form champion at the USTC Hanmadang (world martial arts festival).

Instructor Stacie White
Mrs. White is a first degree black that began her study of martial arts in 1993 with Marcie Sidie and continued her instruction with Grand Master In Shik Kim in 1994. In 1999 she pursued her interest in Kickboxing and has taught at the White Tiger since.

Yvonne Noyes
Yvonne Noyes is the After School and Summer Camp primary instructor. A second degree black belt, she also teaches various classes at our Sioux City locations. Ms. Noyes is also a multiple time US National Champion.

Our Instructors

Instructor Brad Hultquist
Mr. Holquist is a 4th degree Junior Master black belt that began TaeKwonDo in 1981 with Michael Totten and Don Smith of Master In Mook Kim. He was the 1983 ATA National Champion in sparring and has also studied Gojo-Ryu Karate.

He joined the White Tiger staff in 2010.  Most recently, he was the 2012 National Champion in form and a Bronze Medalist in Power Breaking at the USTC Hanmadang (world martial arts festival). Mr. Holquist serves as an instructor at our East Side location and co-coach of our special competition teams.